On December 6, 2018 Fisher River Cree Nation & the Government of Canada signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Advancing Reconciliation.

Under this co-developed Memorandum of Understanding, the parties will work together to advance FRCN’s vision of self-determination for the benefit of our community.  The Memorandum of Understanding outlines the steps and topics for discussions between both parties with a focus on self-determination and strengthening the treaty relationship.

Negotiated agreements can set out law-making authority in many areas, including: governance, social and economic development, education, health, lands and more. It varies from group to group, depending on their unique needs and priorities and their vision of self-determination.

What is the Reconciliation Project?

Now that Fisher River Cree Nation has entered into an understanding with the Government of Canada, there are many outstanding issues that need to be settled or reconciled before true self-determination discussions can begin. Presently, FRCN and the Reconciliation team are working with representatives from the Government of Canada to find resolutions for the outstanding issues. Once positive outcomes are obtained, FRCN can move forward with negotiations.

This phase does not mean that work is at a standstill. Presently, the Reconciliation team is working towards keeping community members informed of the process, meeting with community members and developing governance structure policies.


As part of the Project,  there has been three governance Policy’s and Codes drafted to date for members to review and comment..

FRCN Child & Family Law

Fisher River was successful in securing funding to develop our own Child & Family Law which will serve as our guiding principle.

Custom Election Code

This Code supersedes and replaces any and all previous statements, verbal or in writing, of the FRCN custom for the Election of Council.

Governance Code

This Code shall be applied to all governance processes and shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the traditional values and practices of the community.

Commemoration Park

FRCN Leadership along with the Reconciliation Team will be establishing a working group tasked with creating a commemoration park at the site of the old treaty grounds. 

Journey from Fisher River

Journey from Fisher River is one of the valuable resources that will assist in the education for youth and promotion of Fisher River Cree Nation history. 

What has happened To Date

To date, Leadership and the Reconciliation Team have held community meetings in Fisher River and Winnipeg. Meetings have also been held with federal representatives from the Government of Canada. Community members have participated in focus groups in order to gain valuable information and perspectives from different age groups regarding their vision and ideas for FRCN.

In addition to focus groups with Elders and Community Members, the Reconciliation team has also met with individuals and families in their homes where people feel more comfortable speaking openly about their thoughts and concerns.

The Reconciliation Team has also met with youth at the Fisher River High School in order to understand what they want to see in our community as well as hear what their concerns are. They are the next generation of Leaders and their voice needs to be heard. Such meetings with the youth will continue as we move forward.

What can you do to help?



Community members will be asked to participate in the development of FRCN policies. It is very important that your thoughts and concerns are voiced. Everyone needs to be heard during this process. Your issues and ideas will help to determine what our community is going to look like for future generations. Community members will also be asked to participate in Working & Focus Groups and the Community Steering Committee (CSC).


Community Steering Committee (CSC)

The CSC is comprised of key members and groups of the Fisher River Cree Nation including Elders, Youth, Community Members along with Chief & Council and Program Managers. The CSC will be responsible for “steering” the project and will be the Negotiation Team’s key source of important information.


Working & Focus Groups

Working & Focus groups will be established for discussions on specific policies as the policies are developed. Please submit your name if you would like to participate in any of the groups as they are created.


Engagement Sessions

Community members do not have to participate in the Steering Committee or Working & Focus groups in order to be heard. All members will have the opportunity to voice concerns and give suggestions. There will be many Community Engagement Sessions and Meetings during this process to ensure nothing is missed when it is time to negotiate with Canada. The Reconciliation Team will continue to visit community members in their homes, as they are invited to do so.

Our Team


Lorne Cochrane

Lead Project Manager

Lorne Cochrane has more than 25 years of increasingly responsible managerial and administrative expertise. He is a visionary who focuses on the big picture while recognizing and being cognizant of the building blocks required to attain the final goals and objectives. As a member of the Fisher River Cree Nation, Mr. Cochrane is mindful of the challenges faced by First Nations communities. 

Mr. Cochrane has committed his career to the advancement of First Nations issues both at the grassroots and national levels. 


Tanya Cochrane

Local Project Manager

Tanya is of Cree and Dakota ancestry, her home community is Fisher River Cree Nation with family ties to Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. Tanya attend the University of Winnipeg where she graduated with a BA in Political Science in 1994. In 2003, she obtained a Management Development Certificate from Red River College.

Over the course of her career, Tanya has held different positions that contributed to her personal and professional growth such as Assistant Curator of Native Ethnology and Collections Assistant at the Manitoba Museum.

As a Historical Researcher developing Specific Claims for the Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research Centre, and as an Employment Counsellor/HR & Admin Coordinator for organizations that assist Indigenous people in their search for employment and human resources.


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